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Introduction to the Commodore AMIGA 2000 manual 1987. Commodore Amiga 1987.

Introduction to the Commodore AMIGA 2000 manual 1987.

Commodore Amiga, West Chester PA, 1985, 1986, 1987; approx. 250 pgaes, each section paginated separately; includes Section of Schematics at rear, index, glossary, illustrations.
Condition: Very Good overall, comb-bound softcover with photo illus. on cover of Amiga 2000; slight edgewear, pages clean and sound.
Price: $10.00
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This manual is designed to let you set up and start using your Amiga 2000 with a minimum of effort... Includes --
Introduction summarizes general features and capabilities of the Amiga 2000; Setting up the Amiga, how to put it together; Using the workbench - icons, menus, using the mouse; Workbench Tools - clock, calculator, notepad, speech synthesizer, graphic dump, keymap selector etc;

Using Prefereces, how to customize your Amiga by changing settings; AmigaDOS and the CLI, command line interface; Adding to the Amiga 2000 - describes printers, extra memory, disk drives, modems and other hardware peripherals: Caring for the Amiga 2000; Technical Reference appendix, technical specifications, Diagrams of I/O connectors; summary of ED commands and CLI, error numbers and what to do when you get the errors, etc.