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Communications of the ACM -- 1959, 9 separate issues of the 1959 volume 2. ACM Association for Computing Machinery.

Communications of the ACM -- 1959, 9 separate issues of the 1959 volume 2.

ACM, Baltimore MD 1959, var. pagination, double-column text, illustrations, advertisements, News and Notices, ONR Digital Computer Newsletter at rear.
Condition: Good to very good overall, incomplete year of 9 monthly issues for 1959; stapled bindings, white paper covers, 8.5x11, one issue with detached cover, most bindings sound, issues show light edgwear, slightly rolled along spines, pages clean and unmarked.
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Volume 2 1959 -- includes February, March, April, May, June, July, August, October, December

Articles include, The Arithmetic Translator-Compiler of the IBM Fortran Automatic Coding System (Sheridan); Signal Corps Research and Development on Automatic Programming of Digital Computers (Lukeerry and Colins); Error Analysis in Floating Point Arithmetic (Carr); A Visit to Computation Centers in the Soviet Union (Carr, Perlis, Robertson);

NORC High-Speed Printer; Statistical Programs for the IBM 650, parts I and II; Recommendations of the SHARE ALGOL Committee; The EJCC Program Issue; LEM 1, small size general purpose digital computer using magnetic (ferrite) elements; Impact of Computer Developments (Humphrey); A Queue Network simulator for the IBM 650 and Burroughts 220 (conway, johnson, maxwell); SABRE; Fingers or Fists (W. Buchholz); and much more.