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Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters. P. J. Brown.

Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters.

John Wiley & Sons, 1979, reprinted 1981, 265 pages, index, references.
Condition: Very Good overall, 7x9 blue, red and white illus. glossy covers, softcover, title in white on spine; some edgewear and light cover creases; the binding is sound and secure, pages are clean.
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Includes Sections with multiple chapters in each, on Planning - documentation, designing the source language and the user interface, encoding the compiler etc; The Structure of a Compiler - filling the gaps, source and internal languages, incremental compiling, levels of internal language, error checking, error messages, storage management etc;

The Design of an internal language - reverse polish notation, operators, etc; The Translator - lexical analysis, grammars, parsing, semantic actions etc;

The Run-time System - error detection and diagnosis etc; Other Modules; Testing and Issuing; Some advanced and Specialized topics, dynamic compiling, etc.