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MacTerminal 1984 manuals and one diskette, in box. Lynnea Johnson, Mike Boich, Martin Haeberli.

MacTerminal 1984 manuals and one diskette, in box.

Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA 1984; 246 pages in 2 manuals plus one 5.25 inch diskette.
Condition: Very Good overall -- NOTE, DISKETTE UN-TESTED, unknown condition. Both manuals secure bindings, pages clean and unmarked, box very good with minor creases, inner plastic-preformed case for two diskettes (ONLY ONE DISKETTE PRESENT).
Price: $45.00
Item no. R324
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MacTerminal lets you communicate with information services, mainframes, and other computers Diskette label MacIntosh, 1984 Apple Computer, Inc., Version 1.0, 690-5017-A. Inside of box, Macintosh with colorful line drawing of the computer (see picture). NOTE - diskette is UNTESTED; also, the two manuals might be different versions of the same information (one later, as it adds DEC and pin assignments to its Contents).

Using MacTerminal; MacTerminal Reference; appendices inclue, installing the Apple Modem 300 or 1200; Installing the AppleLine; Apple Cluster Controller; also -- MacTerminal as a DEC VT100; Pin Assignments for the Apple Modem Data Cable; glossary and index.