Programming in MODULA-2. Niklaus Wirth.
Programming in MODULA-2
Programming in MODULA-2

Programming in MODULA-2.

Springer-Verlag Berlin, NY 1982, 1983, 2nd corrected edition; 202 pages, Appendix, Index.

Condition: Very Good hardcover, minor edgewear, slight warp to front cover; internal pages clean & sound.

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Modula-2 is a descendant of Pascal, and is particularly suited for programming larger & more complex systems in a structured way. Contents - A first example, A notation to describe syntax, Representation of Modula programs, Statements & expressions, Control structures, Elementary data types, Constant & variable declarations, The data structure Array;

Procedures, concept of locality, Parameters, Function procedures, Recursion; Type declarations, Enumeration types, Subrange types, Set types, Record types, Records with variant parts, Dynamic structures and pointers, Procedure types;

Modules, Definition & implementation parts, Program decomposition into modules, Local modules, Sequential input & output, Screen-oriented input & output; Low-level facilities, Concurrent processes & coroutines, Device handling, concurrency & interrupts, Report on the Programming Language Modula-2; Syntax of Modula-2; ASCII character set.