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The Origins of Digital Computers, selected papers (second edition). Brian Randell.

The Origins of Digital Computers, selected papers (second edition).

Springer Verlag, NY 1975, second edition; Texts and monographs in computer science; 464 pages, index, bibliography, with 120 figures.
Condition: Very Good overall, silver textured hardcover, titles in red and black on cover and spine; slight edgewear, slight spine lean, rear hinge weakening; the binding overall is secure and sound; pages clean and unmarked.
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Includes Sections with multiple selections in each, from Analytical Engines, excerpts from Babbage and Ludgate and Torres Y Quevedo and Couffignal; Tabulating Machine (Hollerith, Couffignal, Dreyer and Walther); Zuse and Schreyer (Konrad Zuse); Aiken and IBM

Bell Telephone Laboratories (Stibitz, Alt, Juley and others); The Advent of Electronic Computers (Atanasoff; The Bletchley Machines; J W Mauchly; ENIAC); Stored Program Electronic Computers (J. von Neumann, the EDVAC, Williams and Kilburn; the EDSAC, Wilkes and Renwick; Preliminary Discussion of the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing Instrument, Burks et al; and more); Bibliographyand more.