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Generating a Recognizer for a BNF Grammar, ARPA. Jay C. Earley.

Generating a Recognizer for a BNF Grammar, ARPA.

Center for the Sutdy of Information Processing, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Advanced Research Projects Agency Dept. of Defense, June 1, 1965; 23 single-sided pages, References.
Condition: Very Good, 8.5x11 cardstock covers, spiral-bound, some toning and wear to covers, binding sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.
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This work was supported by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, SD-146 This paper describes an algorithm which takes the grammar of a language and constructs a set of productions for recognizing sentences of the language... which may be written a one-pass, one-push-down-stack recognizer, which involves no closed subroutines. Thus it goes directly from the basic definition of the grammar of a programming language to an efficient parser for the language which could easily be incorporated into a compiler... (Jay Earley).