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Burroughs Algebraic Compiler, revised edition 1963; BAC-220. Burroughs Corporation.

Burroughs Algebraic Compiler, revised edition 1963; BAC-220.

Burroughs Corporation, Detroit MI, March 1963, approx. 115 pages, each Section paginated separately; double-column text, diagrams, appendices.
Condition: Very Good overall, 8.5x11 softcover, toning around edges from age and paper acidity; binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.
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Since its first installation in March of 1960, the Burroughs Algebraic Compiler for the 220 Electronic Data Processing System has undergone changes and additions aimed at improving the operation of the compiler, and removing restrictions on its use... This manual describes the Compiler for the 22 in its (present 1963) form... includes a generator with the ability to produce a compiler conforming to any Burroughs 220 system installation... (from the Preface)

Sections include Elements of the Compiler Language; Expressions; Statements; Basic Declarations; Basic Control Statements; Subprograms; Input-output Techniques; Overlay Techniques; Diagnostic Faciltiies; Programs in ALGOL;

Appendices -- operating Instructions for the BAC-220 Generator Program; Compiler Operating Instructions; List of Reserved identifiers; Syntactical Description of the compiler language; Transliterating rules; MORE.