An Introduction to BALGOL 1961. Robert Oakford, James Gere.
An Introduction to BALGOL 1961
An Introduction to BALGOL 1961

An Introduction to BALGOL 1961.

Wadsworth Publishing, California, 1961, 90 pages, index.

Condition: Very good overall, 7x9 light gray cardstock covers, softcover, some edgewear, binding is sound and secure, pages clean with a few minor pencil notations.

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the purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to a language that can be used for describing computational processes. The language is BALGOL, the algorithmic language used in communicating with the Burroughs 220 digital computer. BALGOL is very similar to ALGOL, the universal computer language... (from the Preface)

Contents include Chapters with multiple sections in each -- Introduction - the Burroughs 220 computer, machine languages, algorithmic languages; Programming in BALGOL; Additional topics and summaries; assembling the card deck for processing etc. Index.