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Non-Deterministic Algorithms 1966, DARPA SD-146. Robert W. Floyd.

Non-Deterministic Algorithms 1966, DARPA SD-146.

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA, November 1966; Advanced Research Projects Agency Department of Defense; 17 pages, diagrams, references.
Condition: Very Good, cream-colored textured cardstock covers, 8.5x11, comb-bound, some wear at edges and comb-binding, pages clean and unmarked.
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Item no. R372
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Non-deterministic algorithms are conceptual devices to simplify the design of backtracking algorithms by allowing considerations of program bookkeeping required for backtracking to be ignored... Non-deterministic algorithms resemble conventional algorithms as represented by flowcharts, programming languages, machine language programs, etc., except that... (from the introd. page).