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Alan Turing the enigma (1984 edition, large thick softcover). Andrew Hodges.

Alan Turing the enigma (1984 edition, large thick softcover).

Touchstone, Simon & Schuster NY 1983, 1984; 587 pages, index, notes section.
Condition: Good to very good overall, large thick softcover, shows wear at edges and corners; binding is secure and sound, pages clean, unmarked.
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The extraordinary story of the brilliant scientist who broke Enigma, Germany's most secret World War II code, who pioneered the modern computer age, and who finally fell victim to the Cold War world of military secrets and sexual scandal (front cover) Includes photographs. Contents include -- The Logical - Esprit de Corps; the Spirit of Truth; New Men; The Relay Race; Bridge passage to April 1943; The Physical -- Running up; Mercury Delayed; The Greenwood Tree; On the Beach. Covers Turing's life and his work on early computers.