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Burroughs B6500/B7500 Information Processing Systems Characteristics Manual. Burroughs.

Burroughs B6500/B7500 Information Processing Systems Characteristics Manual.

Burroughs, Business Machines Group, sales techical services, systems documentation; Detroit, MI 1967, 1968; approx. 64 pages, double-column text, ilus. photographs and diagrams, appendices.
Condition: Very Good 8.5x11 dark blue and white cardstock covers, 3-hole punched at margin, some cover and edgewear, binding is secure and sound, pages clean.
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Contents include Sections such as, System Description; Main Memory; Processor - states, interrupt system, memory protection, information representation, instruction format, registers, stack mechanism etc; Input/output Multiplexor and Peripheral Controls; Data Communications Processor;

Peripheral Components - console, disk files, magnetic tape, card readers, line printers, card punch, paper tape reader and punch, data communications equipment; Software - master control program (MCP) features; problem-oriented languages - Cobol, Algol, Fortran, compiling a source program; application programs; industrial management systems, MORE. Appendices include - Operators, alphabetical and numerical lists.