The Fifth Generation -- Artificial Intelligence and Japan's Computer Challenge to the World.

Addison-Wesley, MA, 1983 stated first printing; 275 pages, Appendix, Index.

Condition: Very Good overall, maroon cloth hardcover in Very Good- dustjacket; some shelfwear to jacket edges, light curling along jacket top. Binding is sound and secure, pages are clean, unmarked. ISBN 0-201-11519-0.

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Contents - THE NEW WEALTH OF NATIONS - Reason & Revolution, Knowledge is Power, The Intelligent Machine as Automobile, What's the Big Deal; An Engine for the New Wealth of Nations, Japan Decides to be the First Postindustrial Society, Today I am a Man;

IT'S NOT JUST THE SECOND COMPUTER REVOLUTION, IT'S THE IMPORTANT ONE - Can a Machine Think; Mind as Mechanism; A Machine as Smart as a Person; Believing in AI; Scuba Gear for the Mind; About Scribes & Power, Redesigning Design; A Network of Minds, 'Knowledge is an Artifact Worthy of Design'; The Manifest Destiny of Computing;

EXPERTS IN SILICON - Expert Systems & Knowledge Engineering; The Domains of the Experts; Expert Systems in the Marketplace; Anatomy of an Expert System; The Knowledge Engineer at Work, Other Unsolved Problems in Expert Systems, Speculations in Knowledge Futures; Expert Systems as Agents of the 2nd Computer Revolution;

THE JAPANESE FIFTH GENERATION - Forty Samurai, Mighty MITI Gets its Way, Some Views from the Companies, The Technology of the Fifth Generation, Other Technologies the Fifth Generation will Embrace, What's Wrong, What's Right; What's Real; The Japanese & Expert Systems, Problems of Compatibility, Why are the Japanese Doing all This -- myths of Japanese industry;

THE NATIONS - Wisdom, Vision & Will; ENgland; La Belle France Et La Cinquieme Generation; The Ins and Outs of the Knowledge Game;

THE AMERICAN RESPONSE - IBM and AI; The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie; We Taught Them Everything They Know, Short Run, Long Run, End Run; Quantification and its Discontents; lawyer ,engineer; antitrust; vison; anti-intellectualism; AI & National Defense; National Center for Knowledge Technology;

IT IS HARD TO PREDICT, ESPECIALLY THE FUTURE; appendices - generic categories of Knowledge Engineering applications; experimental & operational expert systems; Worldwide Artificial intelligence activity; fifth generation computer R&D themes, more.