McGraw-Hill Book Co NY 1968, 514 pages, Illustrations, Index, References at ends of sections; Sel. Bibliography in Info Org. & Retrieval.

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Contents include AUTOMATIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS - Intro; Information Dissemination, Information Search & Retrieval, Automatic Content Analysis; INFORMATION ANALYSIS & DICTIONARY CONSTRUCTION - Intro; Language Analysis, Dictionary Construction, Dictionary Performance, Automatic Thesaurus Construction, Automatic Hierarchy Formation; DICTIONARY OPERATIONS - Intro; Structure Representation & Informat Search, Search Algorithms, Thesaurus Operations, Statistical Phrase Processing, Processing of the Concept Hierarchy; THE STATISTICAL OPERATIONS - Intro; Statistical Term Associations, Implementation of Associative Retrieval, Evaluation of Concept Associat Automatic Classification; SYNTACTIC OPERATIONS - Intro; Automatic Content Analysis, Syntax & Semantics, Criterion. Phrases, Syntactic Tree Matching, Evaluation;

RETRIEVAL MODELS - Intro; Elementary Set Theory, Inclusive Information Retrieval, Systems Base on Classification, The Use of Negation, Tree & Graph Models of Retrieval; THE RETRIEVAL PROCESS - Intro; Association Coefficients for Term & Document Vectors, Search Strategies & File Organization, Iterative Search Procedures Using Feedback, Adaptive Real time Information Retrieval; EVALUATION OF COMPUTER-BASED RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS - Environment, Measures Based on Recall & Precision, Determining the Recall Value, Presentation of Results, Design of Automatic Information Systems; AUXILIARY INFORMATION SERVICES Special-purpose Equipment, Source Data Automation, Text Transformations, Index & Glossary Production, Citation Indexing, Selective Dissemination of Information; DATA BASE RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS - Manipulation of Simple Data Files, Retrieval Languages, Automatic Question Answering Systems On-line Information Retrieval Systems; SMART SYSTEMS ORGANIZATION - Processing Summary, Basic Operating System, Processing Specifications, Data Preparation, Sample Input Deck, Typical Processing Sequence.