Programming in PASCAL, revised edition.

Addison-Wesley, MA 1978, 1980, 363 pages, diagrams, Exercises, bibliography, Append, Index.

Condition: Very Good, green & white illustrated cardstock covers, softcover; light shelfwear and edgewear; binding is solid, pages clean and unmarked.

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Programming Concepts -- Programs, Structure, An Informal Intro to PASCAL, Compilation & Execution, Representation & Examples;
Data, Expressions, & Assignments -- Identifiers, Data, The Type Integer, The Type Real, The Type Boolean, The Type Char, Program Construction;
Decision & Repetition -- The IF Statement, The REPEAT Statement, The WHILE Statement, The FOR Statement;
Procedures & Functions -- Writing Procedures, Functions, Recursion, Non-Local Variables & Side-Effects, Pseudo-Random Numbers;
Variable Types -- Scalars, Subranges, Sets, Relationships Between Types, the CASE Statement, Program Calculator Revisited; Structured Types -- Arrays, Records; Files -- Sequential Files, Text Files, Input & Output, Examples, Subfile Structure;
Dynamic Data Structures -- Pointers, Linked Lists, Example-Discrete Event Simulation, Trees;
Advanced Topics -- The GOTO Statement, Procedures & Functions as Parameters, Memory Allocation;
Program Design -- Program Development, Testing & Verification, Debugging, Example - A Cross-Reference Generator, An Appraisal of PASCAL. Exercises at ends of chapters;
Appendix -- The Vocabulary of PASCAL - reserved words, identifiers, etc; Pascal Syntax;
A PASCAL Implementation - standard types, arithmetic, procedures & functions, compiler options etc; Program Standards - description, comments, layout, portability, automatic formatting etc. Index.