Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set. Mark Finlay, Keith A. Blanton.
Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set
Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set
Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set

Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set.

M&T Books, NY, 1993, 426 pgs, Illustrations, Appendix, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good large thick softcover, glossy covers; binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked. Includes 3.25 inch disk in rear sleeve.

Price: $12.50

Item Description

Fractal History -- In the Beginning - A few words about intervals, The Cantor Set, Other Examples, Making Space, Nature Takes Its Course, Fractals & Computer Graphics, Levels of Detail, Fractal Compression, Chaos, Fractal Programs;

C++ Programming Techniques -- Object-Oriented Programming, Headers & Modules, Header Files, Class Definitions, Create & Destroy, Running on Overload, Virtual Functions, Overloaded Operators, Passing References, Static Variables, Zen of Macros, Useful Directives, C++ Templates, Naming Conventions, For More Information, Fractals on Display;

Graphics for Fractals -- Matrix & Vector Fun, Graphic Objects, A Simple Table, Graphic Conclusions;

Probability, Statistics, & Random Numbers -- Not Quite Random, Uniform Randomness, Other Distributions, Normal Distributions, Joint Distributions, Other Properties of Normal Distributions, A Normal Demonstration, Fractals & Randomness, Next Up-Fractals;

Fractals of the First Kind - One-Dimensional Fractals -- A Question of Dimension, Making Snow, Purely Affine, Normalized Generators, Shapely Fractals, General Initiators, Terminal Conditions, Interactive Snowflakes, Further Investigations;

Fractals of the Second Kind - Two-Dimensional Fractals -- Two-Dimensions & Affine Transformations, Sierpinski Gasket, Procedural Gaskets, Classical Gasket, Sierpinski Variations, A Second Drawing Method, Adding a Little Color, Interesting Combinations, A Procedural Demonstration, Closer to the Real World;

Natural Fractals -- Statistical Self-Similarity, General Randomness; Plants & Trees; Random Trees; Generating the generator; A class of trees; Pockets of fractals; the evening sky; other Random fractals;

Complex Fractals -- Nonlinear Fractals; Complex Variables; complex graphics; Julia Sets; closing in on the julia set; the Julia Set class; the Mandelbrot set; Julia set mania; Nonlinear conclusions;

Fractal Interpolation -- Brownian Movement; Mathematics of Brownian Movement; Fractal motion; fractional brownian movement; Generating fBM curves; mulidimensional fBM; two-dimensional fBM classes; Discrete fBM; demonstrating fBM; beyond two dimensions;

Three Dimensions & Beyond -- Multidimensional Affine Fractals; why three dimensions are special; assorted three-dimensional fractals; reverse three dimensions; Trees; cloudy days; modeling the rest of the world;

Fractal Life Savers -- Mountainous Problems, Multiple Levels of Detail; matching reality, digital maps etc; roughing things up, adding color, choosing the recursion level, more fractal terrain, more;

Fractal-Image Compression -- Image Processing; general compression techniques; fractal comptression; fractal encoding; image generators; image transformations; decoding an image; using fractal compression, from compression to chaos, more;

Chaos -- Nonlinear Dynamics, Going Into Orbit, Strange Attraction; chaos as science, more;

The Future of Fractals -- fractal analysis; fractal communications; volume compression, more

Appendices include Functions, vector and matrix classes, demonstration programs, matrix generaitng functions, plus an appendix discussing the files found on the disk; plus Bibliography and Index

'The code provided on this disk will run on any 286 or better PC with a coprocessor, VGA card, VGA monitor, and Borland C++ version 3.1' (from the rear cover)

Learn to create exciting fractals with this hands-on guide to fractal programming. This book/disk package shows you how to expand the concepts behind fractal models into more general methods that can be applied to all sorts of problems. The tools and sample programs provided let you explore fractal processes for yourself; use thema sis, or modify them to create your own fractal images...'

Disk includes two- and three-dimensional graphics routines plus fractal rendering algorithms for viualizing clouds, terrain and many other data sets.