8088 Macro Assembler Programming. Dan Rollins.
8088 Macro Assembler Programming
8088 Macro Assembler Programming

8088 Macro Assembler Programming.

Macmillan Publishing, NY 1985, 435 pages, index, appendices.

Condition: Very Good large softcover, white cardstock illus. covers; slight cover corner bends and creases; prev. owner's name inked out on endpage.

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Includes, Assembly Language - data types and numbering conventions; binary ops; Organization of the 8088 - history of the 8088; components of the CPU; registers, 8088 flags, etc; 8088 Instruction Set; Using the Assembler and Linker; Interfacing with BIOS and PC-DOS; Macros and super macros; Interfacing with High-level Languages; Text and Graphics; the 6845 CRT Controller; color graphics etc;.