VAX-11 Assembly Language Programming. Sara Baase.
VAX-11 Assembly Language Programming
VAX-11 Assembly Language Programming

VAX-11 Assembly Language Programming.

Prentice-Hall NJ, 1983 later printing, 407 pgs, Illlustr. Exercises, Appendices, Answers, Index.

Condition: Very Good glossy white, black and red hardcover, binding is tight, pages are clean and unmarked.

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'Teaches the Assembly Language for the widely used VAX-11, a popular machine with an advanced architecture. Written for those who do not know any assembly language, it is also suitable for anyone already experienced who wants to learn about the VAX-11... Contains over 300 exercises; includes macro-definitions for easy-to-use terminal I/O macros... contains summaries including tables of instructions in most chapters...' (from the rear cover)

What Is Assembly Language & Why Study It, Some Terminology;
Machine Organization -- Memory & Data Organization, Central Processing Unit, Input & Output; Binary & Hexadecimal Numbers & Integer Representation;

Assembly Language -- Symbols & Labels, Operators Operand Addressing, Reserving & Initializing Data Areas, Beginning & Ending a Program, Statement Formats; Simple I/O Macros-- Macros, Summary & Commands for Running Programs; Integer Instructions - Arithmetic, Loop Instruction (SOBGTR) & Array Addressing, Moving & Converting, Conversion Between Character Codes & Two's Complement; Branching & Looping - Condition Codes & Branching, Example- Binary Search, Example- Converting Character Code Input-Horner's Method; Machine Code Formats, Translation, & Execution - Register Modes, Literal Mode, Branch Mode, Some Program Counter Modes; More Addressing Modes - Deferred & Indexed Modes, Exceptions, or Execution-Time Errors;

Procedures - VAX Procedure-Calling Standard, The .ENTRY Directive, Argument Lists, Calling & Returning from a Procedure, Linking with High-Level Languages & Library Routines, Example- Linked List Manipulation;

Some Assembler Features -- Program Selections, Terms & Expressions, Symbol & Expression Types, Restrictions on Expressions; Macros -- Definitions & Some Examples; User-Frendly Macros, MORE Bit & Bit Field Operations; Floating Point & Packed Decimal-;

Character Strings -- The MOVC & CMPC Instructions, Character-Search Instructions, Translating Character Strings; MUCH MORE.