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Upgrade Your Macintosh and Save a Bundle, with photographs of hardware and vintage equipment. Bob Brant.

Upgrade Your Macintosh and Save a Bundle, with photographs of hardware and vintage equipment.

Windcrest, TAB Books, McGraw-Hill, PA, 1991, 435 pgs, Illustrations, Glossary, Index.
Condition: Good overall, large thick softcover, cover wear along outer edge, some corner creases, felt marker X marks along textblock fore-edges. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean.
Price: $10.00
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Why Upgrade your Macintosh -- Why throw it away, Why upgrade it, Decisions, decisions, decisions;

Apple Macintosh family overview -- A short Apple Macintosh family history, Macintosh 1990, Macintosh models, In a nutshell;

How used Macs can help you -- Move over Superman, New versus used car analogy, The rules of the game, Other important points to keep in mind, What have you got;

Upgrade options overview -- Options, options, options-how to choose, Playing with blocks, Apple upgrades;

How to make the best choice -- The fundamental tradeoff, Build on the foundation, Where do I fit, Some actual examples, A practical formula, A worksheet for you, In a nutshell;

Memory & CPU upgrade options --The Macintosh in more detail, The Motorola 68000 chip family, ROM RAM, DRAM, SRAM, PRAM, cache, memory chips, SIMMs, SIMM price trends, Playing the slots, Memory upgrades, Early Mac memory upgrades, Mac Portable SRAM memory rules, In memory of, Accelerator boards, Full-function accelerators, CPU/Clock accelerators, Memroy/cache accelerators, SCSI bus accelerators, File compression accelerators, The envelope please, Coprocessors, In a nutshell;

Storage options -- A brief overview & history lession on storage, Store me, Short term storage-floppy disks, Working storage hard disks, Removable long-term storage, Tape long-term storage;

Display options -- The Macintosh monitor story, Monitor me, All monitors are not created equal, What to look for, Monochrome monitors, Color monitors, Video cards;

Input/Output options -- Input data, Audio & Video, High speed, Communications & networking,Mac to the rest of them, Modems, Fax;

Printer upgrade options --The Macintosh printer story, Dot matrix printers, Laser printers, Other printers,

The high-end is hot stuff; Chassis options; Upgrade process overview; Upgrade your clip-on Mac 123, 512, or Plus; Upgrade your one-slot Mac SE or SE 30; Upgrade your NuBus MacII, IIx, IIfx, IIcx, IIci,; Upgrade your new Mac Classic, LC, or IIsi; Upgrade your Mac Portable; The end of the Beginning.