Item #R447 The Little iMac Book 1999. Robin Williams.
The Little iMac Book 1999
The Little iMac Book 1999

The Little iMac Book 1999.

Peachpit Press, California, 1999; 191 pages, index, illustrations.

Condition: Good to very good overall, exlibrary withdrawn rubberstamp, remains of label on spine and rear cover. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean.

Price: $6.00

Item Description

So you've gotten yourself a nifty new iMac, but now what do you do -- learn all about menus, icons, folder and more, once you master mousing you can learn what programs are on your iMac, documents, how to use a word processor, database, spreadsheet and other programs, peripherals and hubs, and connect to the internet. Apple iMac circa 1999.