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High Speed Animation & Simulation For Microcomputers, for IBM PC, XT, AT and PCjr, plus the Apple II series (NO DISKETTES). Lee Adams.

High Speed Animation & Simulation For Microcomputers, for IBM PC, XT, AT and PCjr, plus the Apple II series (NO DISKETTES).

ISBN: 0830628592
TAB Books Inc. PA, 1987, 456 pages, Illustrations, Appendices, Glossary, Index.
Condition: Very Good overall, large thick softcover with some cover wear along edges, small label and clear tape along lower spine end. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean.
Price: $8.00
Item no. R451
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List of Programs; PART ONE- GRAPHICS CONCEPTS -- High Speed Graphic Capabilities of BASIC, Fundamental Graphic Commands in BASIC, Properly Structured Programs For Graphics, Optimization of Run-Time Speed, Establishing A Graphic Programming Work Environment Fundamentals of Good Graphic Design, The Lessons of TV Graphics Applied To Computer Displays, Advanced Graphic Commands in BASIC;

PART TWO - SIMULATION -- Techniques For Producing Backgrounds, Background Pans & Zooms, Detail Techniques For Computer Graphics, Realistic Sound Effects, Cartoon Characters, Simulating Human Faces, Oversized Titles & Typefaces;

PART THREE -- 3D GRAPHICS -- Concepts of Three-Dimensional Images, 3D Formulas For Microcomputers, Drawing The 3D Cube, Moving The 3D Cube, Rotating the 3D Cube, Generic CAD Prototype, Architectural Images, Interior Design Images, Cutaway Views Of Three-Dimensional Objects, Drawing the 3D Sphere, Drawing the 3D Cylinder, Contour Plotting Of 3D Objects;

PART FOUR -- FULL SCREEN ANIMATION -- Full Screen Animation Concepts, Techniques Of Full Screen Animation, Three-Dimensional Environments, Concepts Of Flight Simulation, Flight Simulation Prototypes, 3D Landmarks For Flight Simulation;

PART FIVE -- PARTIAL SCREEN ANIMATION -- High Speed Techniques Of Partial Screen Animation, Bit Pump Animation - 8 Frames Per Second, Animation Of Multicolored Objects On A Multicolored Background, Simulation Of Real World Events, Techniques For Optimizing Speed With Graphic Array Animation, Hidden Screen Bit-Pump Animation;

PART SIX -- ITERATIVE HIGH SPEED ANIMATION - Iterative Full Screen Animation At 22 Frames Per Second, Practical Techniques Of Iterative Full Screen Animation, Graphic Programming - Today's Options & Tomorrow's Trends from the point of view of 1980s.