Item Description

Includes --

1) Mosaic Quick Tour for Windows, accessing and Navigating the World Wide Web, includes 2 3.5 inch diskettes 1995 in sleeve at rear; Gareth Branwyn and Sean Carton, 202 pages, 1995 Ventana Press

2) Hands on Mosaic, a tutorial for Windows Users, includes Chameleon Sampler 3.5 diskette 1994, in sleeve at rear; David Sachs and Henry Stair, 366 pages, Prentice-Hall publishers 1995;

3) The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System, includes 1994 CD-ROM NCSA Mosaic Software in sleeve at rear; Dale Dougherty, Richard Koman and Paula Ferguson; 262 pages, O'Reilly & Associates publishers, 1994

4) The Mosaic Navigator, the essential guide to the Internet Interface, Paul Gilster; published by John Wiley & Sons, 1995, 243 pages

5) Netscape, introduction to Communicator, version 4, Netscape Communications Corp., 1999.