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Burroughs B1700/B1800 software product specs, manuals -- 11 binders; Oversized and heavy - additional shipping charges will apply. Burroughs Corp.

Burroughs B1700/B1800 software product specs, manuals -- 11 binders; Oversized and heavy - additional shipping charges will apply.

Burroughs Corp., Computer Systems Group, Santa Barbara Plant California, approx. 1977 - 1980.
Condition: Very Good overall, large thick turquoise-blue vinyl 3-ring binders marked with Burroughs logo on spine, and notations of each binder's contents handwritten on label; pages with tabbed entries, typescript pages and handwritten notes, pages clean but overall dinginess from long storage.
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NOTE WEIGHT FOR SHIPPING 110 lbs. / 49.89 kg. -- Oversized and heavy - additional shipping charges will apply
FROM WIKIPEDIA -- The Burroughs B1000 Series was a series of mainframe computers, built by the Burroughs Corporation, and originally introduced in the 1970s with continued software development until 1987. The series consisted of three major generations which were the B1700, B1800, and B1900 series machines. They were also known as the Burroughs Small Systems;... Much of the original research for the B1700, initially codenamed the PLP ("Proper Language Processor" or "Program Language Processor"), was done at the Burroughs Pasadena plant... Production of the B1700s began in the mid-1970s

Binder 1 as an example --This product specification will describe the basic components and operators of the B1800/B1700 SDL S-Language including its STACK MECHANISM, DATA DESCRIPTORS, and CODE and DATA ADDRESSES. After a preliminary discussion of the structure and operation of the S-Machine, its operators will be explained in detail (From the first page of the first binder). Tabs in this binder include, SDL Control Language; B1700 COBOL S-Lang.; S-instruction format; B1700 FORTRAN; B1700 Sort Language; Report Program Generator; memory layout, operands, etc.

Each binder similar layout, with tabbed sections and part numbers, and Revision sheets and distribution lists laid in. Binder 2 -- includes Tabs -- Disk Copy; Disk Cartride Initializer; Disk Pack Initial; Disk/Dump; B500 IEP; DMPALL; File Loader; File Puncher; Cassette/Maker; Cassette Loader; SYCOPY; B1700 Merge; B1700 Network; RJE Terminal; AND MORE

B500 Interpreter; 1400 Interpreter; SFW Dev Language; COBOL Compiler Logic; MORE; Binder 5 -- Message Control System II; B1800/B1700 Data Comm; MCP II; memory management, I/O subsystem; System/disk initialization etc;; Audit and Recovery; Tape Systems; Terminal Test; Load Dump; BOLT Printer; Bolt Card Device; And much more.