Musical Applications of Microprocessors. Hal Chamberlin.
Musical Applications of Microprocessors
Musical Applications of Microprocessors
Musical Applications of Microprocessors

Musical Applications of Microprocessors.

Hayden Book Co, NJ 1980, 1983; 661 pages, index, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good short thick softcover, turquoise and white cardstock covers, titles in white on spine and cover; light edgewear to covers; the binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

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CONTENTS -- MUSIC SYNTHESIS PRINCIPLES - Goals of music synthesis; fundamental parameters of sound; history of electronic sound synthesis;

SOUND MODIFICATION METHODS - sound on tape; electronic sound modification; analysis-synthesis methods; VOLTAGE- CONTROL METHODS - typical module characteristics; signal levels in synthesizer; some typical modules; other modules; a typical patch;

DIRECT COMPUTER SYNTHESIS METHODS - limitations of voltage control; sound in digital form; typical direct computer synthesis installation; computation of sound waveforms; music programming systems & languages;

MICROPROCESSORS - microprocessor terminology; brief history of microprocessors; micrcomputer-peripheral devices; microcomputer software; example microprocessor descriptions;

COMPUTER-CONTROLLED ANALOG SYNTHESIS - Basic analog modules - system standards; voltage-controlled oscillator, amplifier, filter; Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters - terminology; DAC Techniques; analog switches; some commercial DACs; multiplexing; more; Signal Rounding - manually patched comptuer-controlled systems; automatically patched; fixed-patched; Organ Keyboard Interface - adapting a standard synthesizer keyboard for computer input; polyphonic keyboards; micro- processor based keyboard interface; Other Input Methods - manual input devices;algorithmic input; Control Sequence Display & Editing - types of display devices; applications of graphic displays in music;

DIGITAL SYNTHESIS & SOUND MODIFICATION - Digital-to Analog & Analog-to-Digital Conversion of Audio - increasing dynamic range; reducing distortions; low-pass filter; complete audio DAC; audio digitizing; Digital Tone Generation Techniques - direct waveform computation; table lookup method; fourier transformation; Digital Filtering - Digital Equivalents of analog filters; filters with an arbitrary response; reverberations simulation; chorus effects; interpolation; Percussive Sound Generation - types of percussive sounds; damped sine wave generation ;digital noise generation; nonlinear vibrator simulation;

Source-Signal Analysis - spectrum analysis; filtering methods of spectral analysis; spectrum analysis using the FFT; spectral processing; pitch measurement;

Digital Hardware - analog module replacement; multiplexed digital oscillator; fourier series tone generator; modular digital synthesizer; digital voice-per-board system; Music Synthesis Software - organization of music software systems; low-level programming techniques; NOTRAN Music System; appendix, bibliography, index.