Item Description

January 1993 -- Multimedia in the Workplace -- Imagine an office where you can meet with colleagues from around the globe, argue last night's football game with colleagues from down the hall, and share resources both visually and electronically, without having to leave your desk. This month's issue of Communications presents a selection of articles that indicate this scenario may be commonplace in the very near future... (from the editorial introduction)

February 1993 -- Digital's Alpha Chip Project; March 1993 -- The Fifth Generation Project; Debating Digital Telephony Legislation; April 1993 -- Graphical User Interfaces - the next generation; May 1993 -- Technology in K-12 Education; June 1993 -- Participatory Design; July 1993 -- Computer Augmented Environments - back to the real world; August 1993 -- Internetworking -- The Internet, a mammoth interwove electronic maze linking millions of computer users around the world, stands at the brink of a multi-billion dollar metamorphosis... articles on FidoNet; Internet Privacy enhanced mail; underpinnings of privacy protection and more

September 1993 -- Concurrent Object oriented programming; October 1993 -- Orchestrating Project Organization and management; November 1993 -- Software Quality; Super-computing; December 1993 -- Business Computing.