Data Compression -- Techniques and Applications. Thomas Lynch.
Data Compression -- Techniques and Applications

Data Compression -- Techniques and Applications.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY 1985; 345 pages, index, glossary, diagrams.

Condition: Very good overall, brown hardcover, ex-university library rubberstamps inside covers and on textblock fore-edges, remains of label on lower spine; the binding is sound and secure, pages clean.

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Includes Sections on Theoretical Background to data compression theory; Entropy reduction; Redundancy Reduction; Techniques -- basic techniques; Transform Coding; Predictive Coding; Nonredundant Sample Coding; Time and Binary Source Coding; Buffer Control;

Effects of Transmission Errors; System Design; Applications -- what to compress and why; Speech Compression; waveform coding, voice coding; Telemetry Compression; Television Compression; Picture Compression; Data Base Compression; an introduction to error-control coding; and More.