Signal Theory and Random Processes. Harry Urkowitz.
Signal Theory and Random Processes
Signal Theory and Random Processes

Signal Theory and Random Processes.

Artech House, inc, Mass., 1983; 715 pages, index, appendices.

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Contents include, A Review of Fourier Transforms; Linear Time-Variant Systems; Complex Signal Representation; Generalized Harmonic Analysis; Sampling and Discrete Time Representation;

Probability; Joint Moments and Correlation; The Multivariate Gaussian Distribution and Related distributions; Introduction to Random Processes; Spectral Density; Linear Functionals of Random Processes;

The Gaussian (or Normal) Random Process; The Matched Filter or Correlator and Maximation of Signal to Noise Ratio; Elements of statistical detection theory; Detection of known signals; Unknown parameters and Composite Hypotheses; Parameter Estimation.